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Bozeman Craft Beer Week 2018

BCBW2018 dates.png

In the Gallatin Valley and across Montana, many of us know beer is an integral part of a great outdoor adventure. In 2018, Fermentana invites you to join our local community for the 2nd Annual Bozeman Craft Beer Week happening May 5 - 12, 2018!!! Let's celebrate the BOLD BEER, BIG SKY, and BEAUTIFUL PLACES which make the Gallatin Valley such a great place to live!

To make sure these open and wild places continue to be available, Fermentana will be giving back part of the proceeds from Bozeman Craft Beer Week 2018 to the Gallatin Valley Land Trust to help fund more trail, conservation, and land preservation projects throughout the valley.

Join us next year as we cheers to the BOLD BEER, BIG SKY, & BEAUTIFUL PLACES Montanans hold dear!!!