Our Story

FERMENTATION [fərmənˈtāSH(ə)n] noun

  • the process in which a substance breaks down into a simpler substance; especially the anaerobic breakdown of sugar into alcohol
Microrganisms like yeast and bacteria play a role in the fermentation process, creating beer, wine, bread, kimchi, yogurt, and other cultured foods.

MONTANA [mon-tan-uh] noun

  • a state in the northwest United States currently experiencing a fermentation renaissance via an increasing number of craft breweries, distilleries, cider houses, mead makers, wineries, kombucha bars, and cultured food producers
"Just as the microbial cultures exist only as communities, so too do our broader human cultures."  ~ Sandor Katz

Fermentation and more specifically fermented beverage and food products are some of the greatest community builders humanity possesses. Fermentana, LLC is a business born of Montana's fermented renaissance, brought forth to become a creator and catalyst bent on the continued cultivation of the craft movement taking place across our Big Sky State.

Founded in May 2016 by Jesse Bussard and Loy Maierhauser, Fermentana was established on the core values of craftcommunity, and collaboration. We seek to develop and grow Montana's local communities through events which intrigue, engage, and excite fermentation enthusiasts. From craft beer connoisseurs to cultured food junkies, Fermentana's events will offer unique experiences for the gamut of fermentation aficionados and an opportunity to bolster and build our region's communities upon a shared passion for all things fermented. 

About the Founders

Jesse Bussard

Co-Founder / Homebrewer / Fermentation Revivalist


Jesse has been planning events of some form or another since stepping into her first community leadership role in 2009. She is the President of the Gallatin Valley's popular and ever-growing homebrew club, Bridger Brew Crew, and has been planning craft beer-centric and homebrewing events regularly since 2013.  The owner of her own communications business, Cowpunch Creative, and an occasional beer writer for All About Beer, Jesse has a knack for community building and engagement which pairs well with her "get-shit-done" attitude and entrepreneurial drive.


Loy Maierhauser

Co-Founder / Brewster / Pint Night Ninja

Loy has been a craft beer lover and homebrewer for over a decade and has over 12 years of experience in service and hospitality.  She currently manages the taproom at MAP Brewing Co. in Bozeman.  A former elementary school teacher, Loy has a passion for planning and public speaking, a talent for thinking quickly and managing people, and possesses a great attention to detail - all of these things remaining strengths in her current life (not to mention a wicked teacher face and a love of high-fives).